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Posted by Jew from Jersey
28 April 2021

The day is not long in coming when Christianity is abolished in America. I don’t mean people will lose interest and desert it. That is already happening. I mean its institutions will be forcibly shuttered, its teachings made unavailable, and its remaining practitioners relieved of their livelihoods. You must admit that although the thought of this would have seemed crazy to your ears just a year or two ago, you cannot dismiss the possibility now. In fact, the contours of how it will go down are completely familiar to you already.

It will begin with an event of no significance, something entirely ordinary. It may be something as small as an utterance by a celebrity or even some person few had heard of before. It may be a court ruling or the result of a local election somewhere. It may be a sign held at a rally or a chant, or even a banner only rumored to have been held aloft or a slogan only rumored to be chanted. At most, it will be a shooting or other act of violence committed, or maybe only rumored to have been committed.

The important thing is not the event itself, for the details of it will immediately be twisted out of all recognition. The important thing is how it will be used as a rallying cry, a suddenly fully-formed understanding in the minds of all that Christianity must end. There will be no debate leading to this new understanding. There will be no time to discuss the meaning of the event or even the facts of it. The event itself will soon be forgotten. One day, Christians will go about their Christianity in the usual way as they have for centuries and nobody will think anything special about it. The next day, no one will dare to say he is a Christian except to renounce the error of his ways and do penance by attacking anyone who has not yet renounced his Christianity. It will simply be a done deal. Enough with Christianity. It’s time.

The effect of this message going out will be instantaneous across all platforms. It will have the same effect as “Cut down the tall trees” did in Rwanda in 1994. Except no one will be slaughtered, because no one will admit to being a Christian. Everyone will roam the streets with machetes, literally or figuratively, searching for Christians who never materialize. There will not be a single institution or public individual who does not feel instinctively that they must now speak out to denounce Christianity. After this terrible event, they cannot remain silent any longer.

Christian content will be banned from the media and the internet. Books and movies will be removed from stores and libraries until their Christian content can be carefully expunged or else suitable warning messages appended. The bible will still be carried in its unabridged form, however. Booksellers will boast of their open-mindedness for stocking bibles, much in the same way they once boasted of their tolerance for continuing to stock “Mein Kampf” even long after no one bought in anymore.

Politicians will recant prior Christian associations or else resign from office. Of course, no CEO has been a Christian for a very long time. Christians at the lower corporate levels will find out they have been fired when they see the public message from management stating that the employee did not “reflect our values.” Bank accounts, like social media accounts, will be closed for never-specified violations of “terms of service.”

Some churches will be burned. Many will be vandalized. Others will be occupied by “activists” who declare them homeless shelters and community centers. A few recalcitrant churches that still attempt to hold religious services and activities will be attacked by flash mobs. The police will not intervene. News broadcasts will insist it is all “peaceful”. The official version of everything will be that it is all voluntary and calm. And in a way it is. Super Bowl TV ads will show a daughter lovingly stopping her father from going to church or praying and getting him to throw out his bible. “It’s time, Dad. Brought to you by Coca-Cola.”

The most startling of all these sudden changes will be the clergy themselves, Catholics and Protestants alike. They will be the first to turn their hides and the most vociferous in outing and denouncing their former congregants, and not only out of calculation and fear for themselves. Many of them will seem genuinely happy to be relieved of the burden of pretending anymore. The pope in Rome will ignore that any of this is even happening and will instead ramp up his talk about climate change. Orthodox churches will convert overnight to being ethnic community centers and will pretend that is all they have ever been.

For a brief moment, all the world’s ills will obviously be the fault of Christianity, although no one will ever be asked to show the causality therein. To doubt the connection will be proof positive of lingering Christian sentiments. The pure of heart would have no reason to doubt a Christian’s guilt no matter how vague the accusation. In an instant, everything Christian will simply disappear. It will be revealed as having had no friends and no supporters after all. For a while, people will still be accused of Christian leanings as a smearing device, but with time this method of guilt-by-association will make way for others and the whole concept of Christianity will be forgotten. All of the social pathologies that had been blamed on Christianity will simply be blamed on someone or something else along similar lines.

The next generation will not even know Christianity ever existed. Some mention of the Spanish Inquisition may remain in history books. But only dedicated history buffs will have heard of any of this and even they will not have any reason to think there was much difference between the Inquisition and The 700 Club.

You will have been wiped off the face of the earth not because someone ever even really hated or feared you, but simply because you were the next item on a rather sloppily-compiled list of things to be destroyed for not much more reason than to be fodder for the powers of destruction. There was no need to kill Christianity. It had been emptied of its content long ago. It might have even served a purpose as a zombie ship, to be manipulated by others for their own ends. But nobody really needed it that much. What was needed more were targets for an endless outrage that is continually running short of targets to be outraged about. And Christianity makes a good target. It is hollow enough in its present state to make an easy target, but it was big enough once that it still makes for an impressive trophy. It’s like harpooning Moby Dick in his old age.

Once it has been destroyed, it can never come back, because it has been killed by its nearest and dearest who presented themselves as better people for having killed it. No Christians will be fed to the lions this time, because none will self-identify. And there will be no clandestine worship in the catacombs. The catacombs are owned by Google and Facebook.

Strangely, monasteries and cloisters may remain unscathed, so long as no one ventures too far out of them and no one of significance donates to them. They are marginal. People who live next door to them won’t even know they are there. The Amish may eventually be pushed out of Lancaster County due to urbanization, but they may be able to pursue their lifestyle elsewhere providing they can continue to secure cheap farmland.

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